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When you were very young, your mother and father were like giants. For that matter, all of those big people called adults were huge. Even an eighth grader seemed to tower over us.

But years after graduation, the principal and the coach and some old professors almost seemed like equals. Did they get smaller or did we get larger?
When I was younger, I was heavily into the political world. Mayors, councilmen, freeholders, congressman, senators and governors all seemed larger than life. But as I’ve gotten older, world series pitchers look like children and I sometimes feel like proofing the policemen at the Dunkin Donuts bar. “You’re a little young for that latte, aren’t you?”
It’s not that I’m somehow a sage or prideful. It’s simply life’s perspective as we age. Reading from the ancient scrolls of Isaiah (chapter 40), I am reminded about a perspective to which mine pales.
Any day, more particularly an Election Day, is a good time to remember that we are like grass; that we wither and fade like once glorious wildflowers, “but God’s Word stands firm and forever.”
It’s apparent by their views that many leaders don’t believe in God’s Word, don’t live by God’s Word and don’t rule by God’s Word. “He brings the princes to nothing; He makes the judges of the earth useless… all nations before Him are as nothing…” Isaiah 40:23, 17 Now, that’s perspective.
I’ve had the chance to meet some of our region’s political leaders. And then I’ve watched their TV ads. Their make-up cannot make up for their lack of integrity. We have incumbents saying that they are “independent.” They’re actually afraid of their own image.
As I’ve gotten older, I realize that I’m part of God’s solution with my right to vote. I think I’m about to participate in bringing these “princes” to nothing. They’re not as big as I once thought they were.

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