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You can learn a lot from a grandchild. Especially when they cry.

We all whine like babies. Some of us just don’t verbalize it.
But two things about crying because of being tired:
1) When a baby is at the end of his rope from being shuffled around, staying up too late, or the nap time is simply approaching or overdue, he cries. It’s simply a reaction.
2) As his grandpa, I understand. In fact, inside I chuckle.
As adults, unsuspecting weariness is dangerous. It has killed many truckers and motorists. I have almost succumbed to driving off the road a few times. It just sneaks up on you.
What’s almost as dangerous is getting weary in the middle of a longer project. You start making bad decisions, get negative in general, bruise relationships and it’s all because we need a nap (vacation, a few days off, whatever). The world looks terrible when I’m tired and cranky. I finally identified a pattern: when I get tired at night and my mind is getting negative, I turn it all off like a light switch and sleep it off. The world looks better in the light.
I’m about fly out tomorrow and I’ve been upset about the timing. I want to keep going, just like a baby who wants to stay awake and really shouldn’t.
Maybe in the airplane, I’ll catch a nap… and from above those clouds, I’ll probably hear a chuckle.

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