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Whenever Lent rolls around each year, signs of spring appear that are designed to get us to think of the contrast between this life and the next.

A radical contrast is reported in the gospel of  Matthew. It couldn’t have been an accident that the writer butted the following two well-known stories against one another.
One is of the famous “alabaster woman” who poured expensive fragrant oil WHILE Jesus is sitting at a table. It was costly and might be compared, depending on her net worth, to her entire 401K. Maybe, maybe not. But it was definitely a gift of the highest sort. She literally poured out a fortune. This may seem a bit strange to our culture. Yet, I’m sure you’ve been there: “Hey, let’s get him something REALLY nice for his birthday – he deserves it and he’s a great guy.” Or, “I want to take Mom to the Caribbean for her 80th; after all, look what she’s done for us!” So, these people that stir our souls – we go over the top and don’t even feel guilty. We pour ourselves into the gift. 
The very next passage of scripture reviews the deal that Judas cut for the same Man. The contrast is startling. While the woman valued Jesus so highly, Judas’ valuation came in at 30 pieces of silver. 
One gave everything for Jesus. One sold Jesus for what might have been less than the alabaster jar. One could see heaven, one would see hell.
What’s Jesus worth to you and me? Do we sell Him or do we sell ourselves? This very day, heaven awaits our answers.
There’s certainly more than meets the eye in a lily this time of year.

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