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I lost count of the tulips! Magnificent.We should all open up like this to His light.Paultry and Wisteria should not grow togetherClimbing to or descending from heaven?

Rick Warren introduced the parallel tracks theory of the ups and downs of life. To badly paraphrase, he said that life isn’t just mountains and valleys. It’s more like two trains on parallel tracks whereby one is good and the other is SIMULTANEOUSLY bad.

It has rained for forty days and nights in upstate. It has also affected vegetation. To my great distress, the wisteria vine, though lush, that covers our well house roof shot blanks this week. It’s my favorite. First, for sentimental reasons, wisteria takes me back to my youth when a lavish vine intermingled with our Victorian porch’s spindles that created a purple prose that the bumble bees couldn’t resist and which made my poetic adolescence smell all the sweeter. Secondly, in the final days of our never-ending remodel of this house this time last year, the wisteria came out like a parade and it seemed to be a confirmation from God that this was our new home. I hadn’t realized the vine over the well house was wisteria until they blossomed. I cried. It had been a terribly long winter and the remodel almost wore my soul out – not to mention my pocket book. Third, their shape is beautiful and reminiscent of a cluster of grapes. Fourth, their lavender coloring does something extra special for my purple heart. Lastly, one waft and you feel like a teenager all over again.

This may be melodramatic for some of you, but all through this long and cold winter, I had my heart set on seeing that well house absolutely covered with wisteria.

But there is a parallel track. A good friend was over recently and ran out my front door exclaiming, “You’ve got to see this!” I followed him to the tree that is directly in front of our driveway. It was a Liriodendron…a tulip tree with hundreds, maybe thousands of budding tulips all the way up the eighty-foot tree. I’d never seen anything like it.

My friend is a gardener and picked up on what I might have missed. Sometimes, either through the prodding of a good friend or by pro-active discovery, we need to switch seats and move to the other side of the train.

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