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Most of don’t like pressure. Yet, it’s actually a calculated way of seeing where we are weak and what we’ll let God do with it.

Facing our seventh winter storm in just about as many weeks, I was using a snow shovel that I had only bought recently. I was in no mood for the cheap thing to punk out on me. But sure enough, in freezing weather, I hit some ice and the handle starts spinning on me.

I looked down to see that two screws were loose – and for a change they weren’t in my head.

I was flabbergasted. The success of this shovel’s design was based on two little screws that were so under-engineered for their job that I was ready to scream, “Planned Obsolescence” right in my driveway! They probably wouldn’t have heard my complaint in China, anyway. Talk about the old expression, “You’re only as strong as your weakest link!”

Everything in life is designed to take pressure. But if it’s under-designed for its very job, it will fail; and usually at just the moment it’s needed. That timing is no coincidence. A tool or anything is meant to come through for what they were designed for, SOOOO, it will almost always fail in the middle of the driveway of your circumstance. And you’ll feel like swearing, too. You might even. Perhaps that will be your pressure point in the test of patience?

Well, pressure did come to me recently, and, again, the weather brought out what I SWEAR I didn’t know was in me. I had to search through some storage files in the rafters of my garage where some papers were hiding that could save me over $100,000. It was in the single digits and it was dark and I could hardly hold on to the flashlight because my fingers were so numb and my back was hurting from bending over to dodge the rafters without falling ten feet to my demise and I was swearing under my breadth at those who had put me in such a position.

Pressure was beginning to make something come to the surface that shocked me. I actually started having a meltdown; a faith crisis. “God’s not pleased with me.” “Where’s your faith, now, Jerko?” “You’re going to pay that six-digit fine.” “You’re never going to find the needle in the haystack.” “Why don’t you just give up and pay the hundred grand – you’re kids don’t need an inheritance.” “God is against you because of all of your stupid mistakes.” 

It was a sewage of disgust. An enema of my faithlessness. All from fear from the PRESSURE of facing a fine. God had hit some ice in my heart. My two screws had popped and this shovel needed some redesigning.

I never found the papers… that time. I went back out with a friend a couple of weeks later and that seemed to make all the difference. I found them. Maybe on this particular occasion, I wasn’t ‘designed’ to do this job by myself and that became another lesson for another day (and blog): life’s pressures are sometimes only handled with some extra screws, I mean people.

PRESSURE will come. We are tools in God’s hands. Some jobs have a way of revealing where we could use a little work, a little re-design, a beefier this or that, a humbling that dictates we need another beside us, a whatever. 

When PRESSURE comes in rafters that make it feel like a cold day in hell, it may be a little reminder that heaven has ‘designs’ for us, screws loose notwithstanding. 

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