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So my music producer says to me, “I like to add more texture with each verse.”

Yeah, me too!
Who doesn’t like a movie whose plot gets thicker as the writer spins his tale? Who doesn’t like to scoop toward the bottom of the soup after it has cooled off a bit? And what lover doesn’t like a few layers?
It may be comical, but think on those cheesy commercials: “But wait, that’s not all, but order now and we will double your offer, but we’re not finished yet… and on it goes.
Everybody that designs a really dramatic fireworks display does the same thing until you walk out of the parking lot saying, “That was the best 4th I’ve ever seen.”
I was observing out my windows: First, cue early morning light, then spectacular sunrise, then add a beautiful doe, wait, look the other way and there are two more fawn obediently following mom, but just a minute, right in front of that family is a brilliant red cardinal posing, but then he tips his hat and there is a mom and dad pair of morning doves just above him to the left and then add the frolicking hyper squirrel with snow on his nose. 
In basketball, they say don’t “telegraph” your pass and in literature, don’t be “melodramatic.” 
So, what’s with this God who capitalizes the TEXT in texture?
“His invisible attributes are clearly seen … so that [people] are without excuse.” Romans 1:20
I’ve been a public speaker most of my life and I love audience participation. Your comments, including any scriptures that underscore the topic, are welcome.

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