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The following photos are sequential sunrise pics from today.

When temps hit as low as 36 degrees and the daytime is near 70, you’re going to get heavy fog over the river.

Between the pre-dawn darkness and the heavy mist, it can look a little eery. But then…the sun comes up behind the fog as if for a backlit photo shoot and you get the sense it is both behind and before the mist.

Before long, the fog is burned off and there is nothing left but the sun against a blue sky with some clouds thrown in for dramatic effect.

Sunrises are mini sermons. I like to call them God’s business card. “Hi,” He says as He hands you the sunrise, “My name is Jehovah Jirah. I’m in the biz of provision.”

Sometimes, life can seem a little dark. But just like the sun, He always comes through.

Take His card. It’s such a deal.


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