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There are definitely seasons in life and there are definitely times when we don’t want seasons to move on.

I remember an urban schoolteacher who’d get depressed every August and it wasn’t about the weather but rather another year of “sweathogs.”
This morning, a tremendous north wind snuck into my backyard and violently pilfered a lot of what remaining leaves were on the trees. To add insult to injury, he brought an early November snowfall that rushed the new season a bit more; sort of like being nudged in your rear end when you’re standing in line or the car behind you touches your bumper. No dirty look in the mirror, however, is going to stop Old Man Winter.
Young kids go off to school and older kids pack bags for universities or the military and your little sweetheart tells you she’s getting married and there are too many candles on the cake and too few hairs on the head and we all feel pretty nudged-up. 
I think there is a “Great Nudger Of The Skies” whose job is not so much to mess with our comfort zone or even to our interrupt our lovely just-past-peek-foliage season. He installed a biological clock in us the way the doc puts in a pacemaker and these changes are His kind way of moving us along. 
So, while I’m happy with pretty-colored trees, it’s time I let go and enjoy the different view of these relentless white-flaked reminders that time is marching on and perhaps it’s better to bring out the wreathes and carols than to insist that the white lawn chairs don’t have to come in. 
Better than that, instead of just dealing with this change, why not enjoy how the beauty of the contrast of the snow against the rust-colored trees. Yea, move from acceptance to embracing!
Is that snow in my hair or is it really whitening?

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