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While I am a positive person, I’m not a literal positive-thinker in the Norman Vincent Peale sense. For one, a lot of bad and tough things do happen. For another, by nature, I think of the “what-ifs” in life. And lastly, at times, like all six billion people on the planet, I have to eliminate ‘stinkin’ thinkin’ in the spiritual bathrooms of life. 

But then there’s being a “God-thinker.” That’s different from positive-thinking which sometimes borders on denial.
What happened to me this morning brought me back to being a God-thinker. Through some disheartening experiences last night, I went to bed on New Year’s with some mild depression. Not a good start for the new year and decade. Sort of like fumbling the ball on the first play of the game.
But at nearly 1 in the morning, I turned to a station that was playing the “best of” shows from this past year. It was on victims of depression who had turned into victors OVER depression through the power of God’s love. And this included a double amputee who lost her legs from lying in front of a 35-car freight train. She smiled all through her gruesome story as she related God’s love and His rescue of her ‘stinkin’ thinkin.’
I went to bed thinking that God cared enough for me to make me watch a show I had never seen at an hour that I’m never up on a rare night of depression for me.
Upon waking up, I went to finish watching a message from yesterday by a Christian tele-teacher. I opened my electronic journal to take notes. I had never done that before in my life. To make the coincidence even more exciting, I ALWAYS start a new journal each January 1 and I forgot – so the notes went right after my last entry (more on that later).
The speaker spoke on “Seeing Your Set Time” and how there is a set time for dreams/visions that God puts in our hearts; as if the dream is on God’s calendar for a set time. Waiting for some dreams was exactly what had put me in a discouraging funk lately. Then, a part of his message mentioned a person who worked at a motion picture studio who had to put off her dream of making movies to become a part-time receptionist there, only to be promoted to vice president because she did a good job for seven years at her lowly position. (I have a movie that I’ve written that hasn’t moved as fast as I’d like.) But the most amazing “coincidence” was that, in my last journal entry from two weeks earlier, I felt God say the following: “You are not far off. Do not put things on your timeline. I AM directing your life and its time line.”
As all this was happening, a remarkable sunrise occurred and I realized that it was New Year’s Day, which is symbolic of time itself. Just another coincidence? We used to call them “Godincidences.” 
The reassurance that I’m on track is exciting. The new day, the new year and the new decade are just a shadow compared with my new attitude; my God-thinking. There was even a set time for this teaching on “Set Time.” Some set-up.

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