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There are many skeptics when it comes to miracles and some are even Christians or profess to be.

After witnessing a constant stream of them, it has become clear to me that God is still very much in the miracle business, whether utilizing wild, out-of-the norm stuff or the everyday steady hand of a skilled surgeon or some “remarkable coincidence.”

Every Christmas, we celebrate the “miracle of Christmas” and people seem to accept it. Yet, talk about Christ’s second coming and the skeptics look at you like they have never heard of Bethlehem. It’s as if people think God is now a senior citizen and He has somehow lost a lot of His strength or His memory is going.

There is one particular miracle that is consistently brought up by cynics with disdain, rivaling their consternation over Jonah being in the belly of a fish for three days. I actually excuse the latter right off the bat because Jesus specifically quotes that incident. Even so, the jaded won’t give that a pass.

The peculiar biblical story I refer to is when God to made the sun stand still at the request of Israel’s leader so he’d have more daylight to defeat the enemy. Joshua gets his request granted: “So the sun stood still in the midst of heaven, and did not hasten to go down for about a whole day. And there has been no day like that, before it or after it, that the Lord heeded the voice of man, for the Lord fought for Israel.” Joshua 10:13-14

I always thought it a bit bizarre. But then it happened. Something so earth-shattering I must recount it. It was dark. I needed light. I needed… a miracle. I was facing four straight days of predicted rain which would begin in a few hours and there were leaves all over my yard. Some were in great piles. I could picture them getting soaked and becoming stubborn about staying. Maybe they would even play on my procrastination and stick around until Spring. Perish the thought.

But God did not command the sun to stay up to illumine my “battle.” Graciously, however, He did authorize a lightbulb to go off in my darkened brain. I turned on every outside spotlight. I drove my Honda CRV onto the lawn and put the low beams  in the direction of the leaf piles. Then, I pulled out my trusty drill. Dragged my two kiddy-swimming pools over. Drilled a hole in the larger one. Inserted a string in the hole and tied a knot and attached the other end of that rope to my four-wheeler. I then drove it around to the piles of leaves. Raked them into the kiddy pools. Put the smaller pool over the leaves like a lid on a pot. Turned my ATV’s high beams on and drove into the woods. I had to repeat this a few times and reorient the CRV headlights more than a few times. It reminded my of our kids tubing off the back of my boat. Hmmm, interesting possibility there.

By 10 PM, I had my miracle. I had beat the rain by a few hours. Noah and company could slosh around this week without the arc hitting bottom and messing with my lawn. I would be in my dry living room admiring my miracle.

Some might call it ingenuity. Others would crack that I’ve watched too many “MacGyver” re-runs. Still others would question my sanity or judge my timing by asking why I didn’t get to it during the day like most normal people.

Call it ingenuity. But then I’d ask where ingenuity comes from? God extended my day in the battle of the leaves in a little different way than back in Joshua’s time and perhaps old Josh and I will exchange notes and few laughs in heaven. But God also shed some new light on the way He chooses to perform His miracles on any given “day.”


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