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It was Christmastime. I was in Stockbridge, Massachusetts, home of the Norman Rockwell museum and the site of his famous downtown Christmas scene. The most delightful ladies’ choir sang about the birth of Christ through their Christmas carols in the lobby of the historic Red Lion Inn.

Then it started happening…gradually. An SUV pulled out to let us grab a coveted parking space across from the first stop on our Christmas Inns’ tour. That’s when I noticed a really nice leather glove on the street. I tried to wave the driver down as she made her U-turn, but I couldn’t get her attention. I thought I might see her at some future stop on the tour. 
Later that afternoon, we were in a tourist shop, and two gloves lay on the floor. I picked them up and brought them to the counter, hoping someone would reclaim them.
Toward the close of our day, I went to pay for a talking giraffe at a toy store in nearby Lenox, Mass. On the front of the counter lay a thick withdrawal bank envelope containing close to two thousand dollars. I gave it to the store owner, trusting that, even if the brokenhearted shopper couldn’t figure out where they had left it, the withdrawal slip on the inside might help the store owner locate them. 
As I returned home, I realized I still had the original glove. I had no guarantee that anyone retrieved those two tourist-shop gloves and I got-to-thinkin’ about the hefty stash that I entrusted with the store owner. 
I could have made a greater effort to follow the SUV and personally hand over the glove to the woman. In the second case, I could have asked some of the store patrons and been a bit more proactive. Certainly, I knee-jerked in the third case, never even bothering to copy down the deposit slip to make sure that their Christmas savings got back to them.
God is not like that. At the very heart of Christmas is a passionate message about the extent that God will go to in order to return what was lost. “For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.” John 3:16
No wonder Rockwell couldn’t resist Christmas themes. No wonder the ladies’ choir sang so joyously. God redeeming man; as warm and fitting as a hand in a glove.

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