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Unseen Protectors

Many don’t believe in angels and things unseen. These warriors remind me of our military.You don’t know where they are, but they are there nonetheless. Some angels are messengers like Gabriel (Luke 1:26) and some are warriors like Michael (Daniel 10:13-21). 

I was looking up at the sky and there were white jet lines all over. You don’t really see them during their exercises and missions unless you live near a military base. But they are there nonetheless.

If we could see the “jet lines” of angels, it would be pretty wild. However, it might also freak us out, recognizing how much spiritual warfare is going on behind the scenes.

Let those white lines in the sky serve as a reminder that, while we are safe with our feet planted on protected soil, these brave flyers have nothing under their feet except a “wing and a prayer.” Let us remember those “unseen protectors” all over this globe.

At the same time, it might be a good idea to think on the armies of the Lord, those great angels criss-crossing the skies and our lives…dispatched by the most honorable and noble of kings.

Things are not always what they seem. 



a song…

Just Under Heaven

by Robert J. LaCosta

Copyright, 2012, No Repututation Communications, LLC. All Rights Reserved.


I see white lines in the sky

Parallels flag stripes that fly high

I see brave souls living selflessly

When you look up, what do you see?



Years before, there was only ground war

The only thing in the air were bombs bursting there



Just under heaven, those angels strap in

I walk on dirt secure, their margin’s (razor) thin

Miles and clouds may block our view

So much at stake, so much blue

When you’re not looking, they’re looking…

after you


Behind a wheel I comfortably sit,

They climb into a (tight) cockpit

their fate could turn faster than my car

I think it’s time to raise my squeaky bar



Birds fly free, but not you and me

Somebody pays for all this liberty




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My three-year-old grandson honored us with his presence on Easter. While playing with some legos, I feigned being sad about some of his behavior in general, and toward his sister, in particular. Recognizing that he was exhausted and this was the tail end of his day (and his sister was knocking down his legos), I was trying to be easy on him. That’s when he looked me eyeball to eyeball and said, “Don’t be sad. I’m teaching me about Easter. Jesus is in my heart and He’s in your heart, too. He doesn’t want bad people, only good people.”

At first, I thought he was like one of those toys you get with an adult voice inside. But, it was just him.

Then, we went back to legos.

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