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I woke up thinking about a nativity set… I’ll go online and get a really big one. Go to a commercial site. Something so huge that it would put Jesus’ face IN MY FACE. It would be my way of making sure I didn’t forget “The Reason For The Season.”

A little later, I’m going through the basement to find a few decorations to bring upstairs. Mining through the cluttered corner, I discover a beautiful homemade nativity set that a friend gave me several seasons ago. It rocks. But it is small.

As I removed that box, I noticed one tucked way against the basement wall that I had forgotten all about. A frosted crystal-style lighted set of Jesus, Mary and Joseph. How could I have blanked on this? I love putting this up.

I didn’t forget to go out and get a tree. I didn’t forget Christmas shopping. I didn’t even forget to read “Advent Conspiracy” about giving more and spending less.

Suddenly, I got what I wanted: Jesus in my face, quite literally. It was as clear an analogy as I had ever experienced. My metaphor-du-jour.

Perhaps I am not alone in this business of Jesus getting shoved to the back of the basement during His own birthday party.FullSizeRender copy 10

I actually take great consolation in this lesson. Even when I “misplace” Him, He is gracious enough to display His birth right before my eyes in the darkest place of my home.

Now that’s a face you can’t forget.

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