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I’ve been watching the deer and the turkeys forage during what seems to be a “Valley Forge” winter in upstate New York.

They have to move very cautiously and slowly in the deep snow as their feet break through the crusty covering. It almost looks like they’re twisting an ankle or breaking a leg with every step. Winter has slowed them down considerably and the only thing they can do is go with it.
They ‘hunt’ (bad choice of words?) for their next meal and it seems like pretty slim pickings.
Slow times come to us all. A friend of mine is recuperating from a stroke and his days go rather slow. A relative’s business has slowed down to a breaking point. And I find myself in a pretty slow time as well right now as I wait for my springtime to arrive.
The deer and the turkeys seem to stick together, almost in formation at times. There is something to be said about unity during the dead of our winters.
I feel like this slowness always raise the same poignant question: at what moment in a dead part of my life will my faith grow as cold as this February day? And is it just happenstance that it’s always at this very freezing point when I ‘lose it’ that I seem to find it. God seems to test us right up to our limit. 
One might think that pretty mean of Him, to test us to our breaking point. But as for me, it always reveals how easily I’m ready to bail on Him, even though He’s never failed.
As I watch the deer break through with another crust-cracking step, I recall this “dear” reminder: “Behold, I have refined you, but not as silver; I have tested you in the furnace of affliction. For My own sake, I will do it… and I will not give My glory to another…” We get life in this death and He gets glory.
Slow times are tough on fast people when heaven grows as quiet as this winter day. Yet, the Psalmist tells us to “wait silently for God alone…[our] hope is from Him.” Psalm 62:5 
Isn’t it something that so much can be said in the slowness of silence?

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