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Filed Faithfulness

I was hunting down some files in my barn in the freezing weather yesterday for the third time in as many weeks and I was ready to kill the people who were auditing me, murder the people who didn’t do what they were supposed to do and just about anyone else I could think of. 

I would blow hot air onto my fingers, shake them, stuff them in my pockets – anything to get them warm so I could feel my fingertips enough to flip through individual files to find the papers that would finally absolve me from a substantial fine.

And it was in the lifting of one particular file that almost made me cry. It was a line of credit bank statement that read, “$200,000” with interest totaling 786 bucks that particular month. I was frozen by something other than the chill in my barn. It was the memory of how the very month of that statement, just before Christmas two years ago, I had unsuccessfully pleaded with our local bank to extend me even more credit in the wake of a tough year that included in its baggage the stock market crash. The kicker about the memory was that I had applied for the line of credit years earlier when I had absolutely no needs. But something made me do it. I don’t even know why I picked the figure of $200,000. If I hadn’t received that line back then, I surely would not have gotten it approved when the money dried up after the crash and we might have been forced into bankruptcy.

But what really changed my anger in the barn into a heart of thankfulness is that I remembered what God had done in the ensuing six months. In the middle of the country’s deep recession and my depression, I was able to pay that line back in full within six months.

But that wasn’t the only memory in the barn that spun my attitude around. I thought about my accountant whose records, though now covered with mouse droppings in my barn, were in order and I was able to retrieve what I needed for the audit. 

I sifted through some other files in my search and found that a young girl in my employ had doodled large and elaborate drawings on the dry accounting files.

And I thought about my friend who trudged through thigh-high snow just now to help me get those files out of the rafters of the barn while his patient wife waited in the car outside.

And I thought about how You, O God, had just brought me through something worse than a business’ demise, deeper than the snow and colder than the weather. You weathered the frigid reaches of my soul and warmed me with memories of Your faithfulness, now gently ‘filed’ forever in my heart.

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