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Two images came forth like the sunrise this spring morning.

I awoke to a crescent moon looking as if God’s hands had delicately balanced it perfectly on the horizon. 
The second picture was a memory of the deer carefully crossing our back field in the middle of the coldest winter I can remember this past February. They were cautious because each step meant breaking through the crusty ice that had formed over a couple of feet of snow. It was literally one step at a time.
Both images conjure up the hope that each sunrise and Spring bring.
Within minutes, Heaven’s hands began to lift that crescent moon higher into the sky as if He was pulling it up by a string. It acquiesced and began to fade from sight as it surrendered to a spectacular sunrise. Night had once again been replaced by light.
Getting back to those painstaking hoofs of the deer, I have recently observed the trees turn lime green in their efforts to welcome Spring. Now, those same deer literally leap across that same field. Winter left. 
Billions of people are currently in the midst of some of the darkest and coldest economic conditions in modern history. Like the deer, they have no choice but to take it one step at a time. For hundreds of thousands, starvation, sickness or war will allow them no next step and no chance to witness the sunrise.
For many of us, the dark and cold will give way somehow to light and Springtime. If we are given another chance, perhaps it would behoove us to remember that Christ told His followers that they are the light of this world.
It’s an honor to be the day in someone’s night and the “Spring” in another’s step. 

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