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It’s the morning after Election Day and most of us have some sort of political hangover after all the coverage and accompanying contradictory ads.

But it is over now and I am witnessing an interesting sunrise with swirling clouds presenting a glorious veil for a shy sun backlighting that same veil.
It’s hard not to think of the nation as entering a new day as well.
But new days are given as a gift and must be spent well. I pray that political revenge will not be the currency of Congress.
I know there’s a collective anger emanating from the electorate that I have never witnessed before.
And I would never excuse the recent culture of corruption that we have witnessed with “leaders” paying off “leaders.” A person entrusted with leadership is supposed to lead, not be bought. I would not excuse leaders who ignore the wishes of their districts because their personal ideology puffs their chests out so far that it bumps into their constituency’s reality. Neither would I excuse officials who let themselves be forced into submission by a powerful few at the top of their own party. I would not excuse an elected elite that leaves no pocket “change” for its children and grandchildren.
However, many people need solutions to their sobering financial and employment realities and simply setting a goal to undo is not enough and will simply put the new ruling party in the same place as the last one: mis-focus. 
Revenge is always misguided. Better to focus on what one is called to do. That may INCLUDE undoing what was done. But to solely focus on undoing can sometimes trap people in the past and today is a new day. I pray that while they undo, they also push ahead with an agenda that listens to the people and the real hurt those people feel as a result of powerful people creating a government that says, “We know better than you.” 
I saw Congressman Boehner get choked up as he recollected his humble beginnings. I, too, mopped floors, pulled steel wool from beneath my fingernails after scouring pots in steaming hot kitchens, waited on tables until my eyes were open with toothpicks and ended up care-taking a small business that bordered on a 24/7 schedule.
My hope is that, revenge, as tempting as it is sometimes, will not direct Mr. Boehner as much as his “old days” reminding him that he has been chosen to lead us into a “new day.”

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