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It was a beautiful, and I mean beautiful November SATURDAY. Did I mention it was Saturday????

I was in a basement of a church in a small circle of people spilling their guts during a conference. Did I mention it was beautiful OUTSIDE and ABOVE the basement?
However, by day’s end, I knew a little more about this circle’s problems. I also found out that I began to care more for the people than their problems. Everyone has problems. But not everyone is cared for by those around them.
So God, in His infinite wisdom, created this picture-perfect Autumn weekend to clue me in to the fact that I had been more concerned about missing out on… what was it I was going to do if I hadn’t been at church… oh, yes, I was going to clean out my BASEMENT. I was going to be in a basement!
Interestingly enough, after I let my heart strings get pulled a bit and this poor woman poured her heart out and I wanted to get to know her more, she actually brought the conversation around to the WEATHER!
“So,” she sobbed, “the next time I see you on a Sunday in the foyer, we won’t just talk about the WEATHER.”
Ain’t that a kicker? 

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