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I’ve been blessed with a fourth-story in my home. It boasts quite a spectacular panoramic view. An old friend stopped by to climb up there to witness the beautiful sunrise. As he was sitting there, more than the new day dawned on him.

Staring into the eastern sky, he blurted, “You know, you don’t always see this, but it’s been there all along.”
I had been thinking the same thing lately. The majestic is always there, but you have to get yourself into a position to be arrested by it. He mentioned that he sometimes has to ride his bike from his house in order to get to a clearing near Walmart to catch the rising sun. He made it sound a little too down-to-earth when he referred to Walmart; a bit anti-climatic.
To his GREAT credit, he chased after the east. Many don’t even know where the east is. Worst yet, many don’t care to see the sun come up…oblivious to the times, clueless of the romancing God who cares enough to give us a literal wake-up call every morning.
There are infinite analogies in a sunrise. Scripture sings of mercies that are new every morning. And anyone who has ever had a bad yesterday gets a “do-over” in God’s wonderful system.
Yes, majesty shines forth all around us. But you must begin somewhere. Why not ask, “Where’s the east around here?”
A few years ago, I looked out from the Mount of Olives and just stared at the East Gate of Jerusalem. Some may speculate that He will enter from there. Yet, no one knows the time or the exact entry way of the return of Jesus Christ. “For as the lightning comes from the east and flashes to the west, so also will the coming of the Son of Man be.” Matthew 24:26,27 
Some sleepers will be “eating and drinking, marrying and giving in marriage” (Matthew 24:38).
So, if you’re one to make sure the blinds of your soul are down so you won’t be woken up, you may miss The Son come up. I’d rather have to travel to a Walmart parking lot than miss “His Majesty.”

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