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Even in the midst of the highest-hedged, most cleverly designed maze, there is always a way out. Its construction, unless conceived by sadist, has as well a thought-out exit as it does an entrance.

But when threatened by its complexities, we may begin to wonder if the designer didn’t have some dastardly propensities lurking somewhere deep in his soul.

Giving in to those negative thoughts as a pattern is almost as evil as a maze designer who is, in fact,  a sadist. If you insist on not being healed or delivered, which is tantamount to rebellion, God will allow you to keep bumping into the hedges of self-will.

God promises ways out. In extreme cases, it’s martyrdom. But that’s a RARE ratio compared with the number of natural deaths.

If you happen to be caught in either a wicked, circumstantial, God-made or self-induced maze, our ears can act as a great GPS. Listen for and follow His voice through His Word, the scriptures, or through the counsel of some wise God-fearing friends or mentor, and you’ll be able to find the way out a lot quicker than by harkening to your self-willed voice or Satan’s mouthy advice.

And when you see Him at the exit, you’ll be reassured that His voice matches His gaze. Just don’t forget this lesson in some of the more complex mazes that are bound to be ahead.

Mazes are found in gardens made by man. In the original garden, we didn’t have to follow His voice to find Him until we listened to the wrong mouthpiece. As usual, it is best to let Him do the talking.

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