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Givers and Christmas

Snow in December. Some people swear at it. I’m sentimental enough to love it, especially when the snowflakes fall lazily as if they were thousands of ornaments minus the tree suspended in air outside my third floor window.

Nostalgia takes over my soul and for some reason my mother knocks at my heart. (Heaven welcomed her nearly three decades ago.) 
I was wondering why I was literally trying to blink my way past the tears to see the lyrics and chords as I played my tribute to her entitled “Lucy’s Legacy of Love.”  Mom was made in God’s image. God is the Giver Extraordinaire. This is the season for giving. Mom was a giver (probably still is).
Most would think that giving has to do with money or presents – especially during the Christmas season. It actually has nothing to do with money. It’s about who you are. Those who love to give know who they are: recipients  of the blessings by the Giver Extraordinaire who have become extensions of His benevolence. 
Lucy would have cooked for the whole world if she could have. Now, I just pass her plates…
… and I’ll pass this song on to you as well.
“Lucy’s Legacy of Love”
Set A Place
I sit at the table and in my hand’s a pen recalling you again and again
when my hand held a fork instead as you passed out the Italian bread.
You set a place for me through your generosity.
You put yourself into all you prepared, that growing young man was raised on the food of care
and I am still filled by your recipe of love and think of the place that was set for you above.
Mommy, eat heartily and save a seat for me, set a place for me.
Main Dish:
Apron Countenance (Recipe of Love)
Conversation was a delicacy at our feasts of family.
Morsels of kidding and homey laughter that remained long after
the plates had all been put away. I can still taste that joy today
And our meals drew people to you. Your reputation was well-earned.
This was how the rest of us learned the Recipe of Love from His kitchen above.
Your smile was as hearty as your sauce even after the kitchen’s high cost
of sacrifice and diligence. Oh, but what an apron countenance!
And you and He still serve your family even to this day, just in a different way.
Room for One More

When life tempts me to be stingy and selfish thoughts arise and chide.
I can hear you say to this very day, “The Lord, He will provide. The Lord will provide.”
That truth you spoke so long ago, I have learned more than you could know.
And when the times got real tight and I was battle-weary from life’s fight…
Worried about our next meal, your words would always heal:
You said, “The Lord, He will provide. The Lord will provide.”
And you opened faith’s door wide by saying that God will provide.
Then you’d set an extra place and in would walk another face. 
But to you, that’s what family’s for, always room for one more.
And now your Host says the same as He calls “Lucy” by name:
“Come eat, there’s food galore. Sit down, there’s always room for one more.”
And now, your Lord provides. Now, your Lord provides.
Copyright, Robert J. LaCosta, 2001 All Rights Reserved. No part of this document (song: “Lucy’s Legacy of Love”) may be reproduced without written consent from the author.
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