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The irony that many Americans have a hard time remembering what Memorial Day stands for may be telling. The fact that the date was changed to accommodate the vacation plans of  workers might be even sadder.

Most make plans to get to water, a park, a grill, family or all of the above. But who really wants to visit a cemetery? Particularly, who want to relive war? It sort of spoils the BBQ.

Yet, this is the one duty of the day off. To remember is to honor those who loved us enough to die for us. By brushing aside the meaning of the day in favor of brushing mesquite sauce runs counterpoint to the selfless acts of the countless fallen heros of our nation.

It might serve us good to stop by a graveyard and raise from the dead our consciences and memories with regard to Trenton, Saratoga, Gettysburg, Belleau Wood, Iwo Jima, Normandy, Pork Chop Hill, Khe Sanh, Baghdag, Kabul and the rest.

The purchase price for American freedom was high. But, not as high as it gets.

There’s a hill that was taken by one Man who disarmed the worst foe ever faced. People still visit His gravesite today only to report that He’s not there.

Let’s always remember who paid for our BBQ.

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