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It appears that Joseph stole God’s dreams and The Almighty had a burglar alarm.

For those not familiar with Joseph, read about him in Genesis 37.
The essence of the story is that God put some tremendous literal and figurative dreams into the head and heart of a 17 year-old.
Joseph “took” what was not his and claimed it as his own. Call it stealing or borrowing, whatever. 
Since I’m a fairly honest guy, I’ll tell you something. I’ve done the same thing.
When we receive inspiration, dreams, visions, and plans, we really think they are “ours” and we may keep them to ourselves or make the mistake that Joseph did by broadcasting it to people who live in a smaller world and may even be prone to jealousy. That exacerbates the problem. But the result of dream “sharing” (can we call it “subtle bragging”?) is just a means which God will use to bring humility into our lives so that we can live the dream without owning it.
It all boils down to whose dream are we going to live in? Joseph eventually lived the American dream: a beautiful wife, a couple of kids, a great job and you know the rest. But he didn’t live it until he returned something that wasn’t his. Any alarms go off for you?

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