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A couple of deer stopped by for a visit under my flagpole today. Not the greatest day for foraging.

The snow is over a foot deep and is topped by an icy crust that makes the deer’s feet break through occasionally. They have to go slow. This frozen layer has left more than one our turkeys with limps.
For those who are foraging life right now, it may seem slow. Like these deer, you have to watch watch where and how you walk. If you go too fast, you may end up with a limp that makes the cold season even tougher to navigate, or worse yet, jeopardize your ability to scavenge anything and set you on a harsh course to peril.
I always wonder how these animals survive in below-zero temperatures. Very carefully, that’s how. A low hanging evergreen provides just enough before they move on to the next tree or bush. I’ve walked out there. There are very few chilled berries on the bushes. It’s slim pickins’. 
So if you find yourself in the middle of a tundra-esque  economy, relationship, illness, career or whatever, you may want to observe some animals to see if you can pick up some lessons on how to survive in the dead of winter. 
There’s a famous painting of George Washington in the frigid snow of Valley Forge. He’s on one knee. Praying AND foraging seem to win the war.

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