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Facing a major move with boxes, half in our future house and half in this house, with everything organized (?) yet packed just out of reach, I decided I needed a break. I took a walk around the neighborhood where I had temporarily moved until a promising river home opened up. I couldn’t wait to move. Now, I look over the green grass of the golf course down the street glistening in the spotlight of the sunrise and I am suddenly struck by sentimentality.

My mind effortlessly travels back to my last real day in my hometown of North Plainfield, New Jersey. Errant thoughts like this are easy to ignore, but I chase this lead like a good detective. I remember sitting in the passenger seat of my best friend’s car in front of my house the night before I left for college. He said something to the effect like, “I guess this is it” to which I replied, “I’ll be back” to which he replied, “It will never be the same.” I did not move back to North Plainfield. He was right. When you’re a senior, you can’t wait to shake off the dust of secondary education. But there we were, two macho eighteen year-olds getting nostalgic about being “old” high school graduates.

And all of a sudden, I pictured myself on my deathbed. I began wondering if I would get sentimental about my time on earth. Heaven is where there are no more tears, pain (including the weight of others’ pain), illnesses, etc. It’s supposed to be like the river house: a dream beyond your wildest imagination. So, what exactly is the pull of the “old neighborhood?” 

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