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As of this moment, the starting gun has fired at the big-boxers and you can now get any holiday gift you want… including holiday big boxers.

Rumors of people being trampled at four in the morning outside StuffMart make you look at the guy and his kid in front of you and ask, “What child is this?”
Despite this, I believe Christ is still in Christmas.
As evidence, may I present the City of Brotherly Love where the Opera Company of Philadelphia’s stealth visit to Macy’s featured 650 singers in plain clothes who mixed with shoppers to suddenly sing the”Hallelujah” chorus. The company entitled it a “Random Act of Culture.”
Thanks to YouTube, it was captured by pros and amateurs and the differing camera angles reveal some interesting contrasts. Most shocked shoppers stopped in their tracks and put their credit cards away momentarily to breathe in this commercialism respite. Many were smiling and were either lip-syncing or actually singing along, not always sure of all of the nuances of the libretto of the hit song of 1742. Give them an “A” for their efforts. At least one sales associate kept time by continuing her make-up demo.
Talk about a Christmas invasion. 
Bumper stickers, billboards and conversation often remind us to “Keep Christ in Christmas.” As if He left? The old saying is, “If God seems far away, guess who moved?” Christ is as easy to spot during the holidays as was the organ in the middle of Macy’s.
I’ve coined these moments, “Random Acts of Christ.” My favorites still seem to be in the health field where staffers and patients can’t take the holidays off the way the rest of us do. 
My good friend just had a stroke and was waylaid in a hospital for Thanksgiving. From his bed, he couldn’t stop praying for his roommate and led a teary technician to receive into her heart the very child of Christmas.
I know of a musician who also had a stroke that crippled his hands and led him into depression and bankruptcy. But a good friend became his “random act of Christ” by sending him a libretto based on scripture. It was Isaiah 40’s “Comfort ye, comfort ye my people” that inspired this composer to take those words and create a musical masterpiece that still makes people stand when they hear it. Even at Macy’s.
Handel had truly discovered what child this is.
To see You Tube, copy and paste this:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wp_RHnQ-jgU
(Feel free to send in some random acts of Christ!)

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