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It’s November 1st and its getting cold and the word got around birdland. They couldn’t beat the weather, so they got together and decided to take matters into their own wings.

As I looked out from the cupola overlooking the Hudson River, I witnessed their vast conspiracy: literally tens of thousands of snowbirds following the famous waterway southward. I had never seen such a sight. And I could only ask, “Where did they all come from and who called them to this meeting?” That’s too great of a population for just one area. They must have gathered from many regions to form that much of a mass. How did they know where to hook up? Who called them?
As I pondered that, I immediately thought about the prophet Jeremiah who, by listening to the voice of God, called Israel to turn back to God and follow, a migration if you will, to Babylon. 
And as I thought of Israel, it brought me full circle to tomorrow. Election Day, 2010 in America. Which candidates are truly seeking God, understand His message of repentance and righteousness and are calling all the birds to gather in a wave of revival?
Unlike the winds of cynicism that most birds are following this political season, I believe there are men and women who have a calling to serve and not be served – the greatest lesson to be learned by anyone, much less “public servants.”
What is it about humans that we cannot follow the wind of the Holy Spirit, our all-wise Father and His “public Servant,” Jesus, in a throng like the snowbirds, falling in line, flying in flocks?
If there’s a snake in our American garden defiantly declaring, “Did God really say?” couldn’t we really just fly above him to listen to the higher voice? After all, serpents can only crawl. Birds can fly.

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