Focus On The Flag

Most of us have seen the flag being torn down on 9/11 at the US embassy in Egypt.

For some, September 11 is a deeply emotional time. Those of us who live near New York City literally reside  in the shadow of that horrific memory.

During election time, some will use this and spin it one way or another. But my purpose is to focus on the flag.

At the edge of most debates about our founding fathers are the claims of deism versus theism or that many were Masons and not committed Christians. I wasn’t there. But the laws, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and many of the writings and speeches of these men give us clear evidence that our country stands for, as does its flag, the principles of Christianity and Judaism. 

To debate that is pure revisionism. 

Getting back to the flag. Why do men, with women and children at home that they deeply love, rush into bullets to raise a flag on the top of the hill? It’s because they believed in something immovable. 

In theology, it’s known as God’s immutability. “He is not a man that He should change His mind” (1 Samuel 15:29).

I have a flagpole outside my house that is fixed in concrete and has withstood every storm. Old Glory represents a resolve that imperfect men and women will relentlessly move toward their Creator’s character. Other countries can tear down a flag near an embassy, but they will never be able to burn or rip up the principles of liberty. And that even goes for deists.

Here’s a song I wrote, coincidentally, on the day before Veteran’s Day last year. I hope to get the music to you soon.

 The Flag Is Your Flag

Copyright, 2011, Robert J. LaCosta

Flags are welcome to blow with popular change

But values bought with blood will not be rearranged

so raise stars and stripes to the top of its sturdy pole

no one will redefine it and try to steal this nation’s soul


This flag is Your flag dedicated to You

Its pole imbedded in the rock of  truth

Other flags are free to intensely disagree

But here we fly it high on the winds of liberty


Since our birth, we’ve followed Your sacrifice

Even their death speaks it was worth the price

I won’t retreat from the source of their views

I’m raising the real Old Glory, how about you?


Don’t bring down ideals that reach that high

Raise her toward our Founder’s bluest sky





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