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“Pick up your room.” “Brush your teeth.” “No dessert until after you eat.” “Get your homework done.” “I don’t want you to hang out with those kids anymore.” “Respect your elders.” “Be good to your siblings.” “Visit Grandma.” “Cut the lawn.”

Lots of commands. Lots of broken ones. Is forgetting a deliberate and convenient subconscious subterfuge that’s simply instinctive to our sinful nature?

The irony of Memorial Day is that many do not remember the fallen soldiers who bled so we can live. Each year, the retail sales events get bigger, the barbecues become more involved and the traffic to our respective, favorite haunts can make anyone forget anything but their temper.

Forgetting not only seems to be intrinsic, it is wickedly fast. Whole societies have crumbled because they were like students who flunked their midterms after spending the last several weeks failing to take notes; and reviewing them regularly, at that.

“After that whole generation had been gathered to their ancestors, another generation grew up who knew neither the LORD nor what he had done for Israel.” (Judges 2:6-10)…They quickly forgot what he [God] did”. Psalm 106:13

Remembering is as deliberate as forgetting. That’s why holidays (derived from “holy days”) are instituted. In the Passover meals, young Jews are required to ask their elders various questions about symbols and acts relating to their liberation.

Memorial Day may well be the beginning of summer or the only time you get a chance to sneak away to that quiet lake or invite the family for that overdue gathering. But, if must be, turn on the Military Channel or read an account of the sacrifice of men and women whose blood ran the same color as that juicy red burger on the grill. How about a visit to the V.A. hospital? Don’t write off that little Memorial Day parade. It may not be pretty, but it can be effective to read a detailed account of how a soldier died with all its accompanying humility and profoundness of that very act.

Moreover, if a country fails to recall its fallen soldiers whom it can see, it can certainly blank out on its God who secured the ultimate victory by His blood. That it is nothing short of perilous.





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