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January 15th marks the second anniversary of the passing of my spiritual dad, Royal A. Cutler, Jr….

FullSizeRender copy 21This piece of paper is on my desk. As you can see from the photo, Royal’s exercises well into his nineties would tire many people of a lesser age. I can’t remember if he showed all of them to me. But what I do remember is the vigor and determination with which he went through them.

And part of what spurred him on was his heart attack in his sixties and the physician who told him he’d be lucky to get another 10 years out of his life. The doc only missed that one by a couple of decades.

Exercise can be thought of in a lot of ways and the particular one that Royal helped me learn was exercising love. Like his arm twirls or knee bends, loving stronger was something he practiced over the years. I can recall asking him about the last time he really lost his temper. He thought long and hard and humbly said, “Probably 15 or 20 years ago.” Even his memory was sketchy, that kind of “exercising” is what is reminiscent of another elderly man who just happened to pen The First Epistle of John.

The Apostle John must have exercised this type of love for many decades before he could stuff the word “love” thirty-four times into roughly one chapter. I implore you to read it for yourself.

So if you’re wondering, “Why this scrap of paper is on my desk?” Let’s just say I’m one of those guys who has trouble getting his workout in even when it’s right in front of me.

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