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I cried after I saw the movie.

But it wasn’t just because the film was touching. It was because it was empty; that’s the movie theatre.

Opening night and maybe a dozen people.

I should have been weeping before the movie. Most of the few people that were in the theatre were adolescent girls and they were subjected to abuse in the form of movie previews. OMG, they sat through the most lust-filled, graphic and vulgar teenage vampire clips imaginable. If that wasn’t enough, there was another flick featuring a love-triangle with a murder of the spouse by the adulterous “best friend.” Quite a plot, heh?

I’ll stop at that. The previews were nothing short of pornographic. Ironically, the impressionable girls in the theatre had come to see a PG-13 movie called “Gimme Shelter” about the real-live heartbreaking results of illicit sex: single-mom teenage pregnancy.

Based on a true story, viewers get a “reality-show” of sorts that most of us would rather skip. Sixteen year-old “Apple” grows up on the streets with a mom who is an addict and who knows what else. Against unimaginable odds, Apple breaks free of the stranglehold of New York’s hood and through a series of serendipitous sequences finds herself in a shelter for unwed mothers in New Jersey. Essentially, she’s fighting as much for her baby, perhaps even more, than she’s fighting for herself, and in doing so, gets a new birth herself.

It brought up an interesting question: As a writer, am I as indomitable in my fight for the young lives who are being abused by movie-makers?

Without going too much further into the plot, I’d like to leave you with a few inquiries:

1) How did things get so upside down in the greater media business of Hollywood, television and the internet that this incredibly inspiring story was hardly publicized and yet the vampire coffers are probably filled by the sweat and blood of the parents of teenagers?

2) How hard-hearted are the movie reviewers who probably won’t help add to the crowds viewing “Gimme Shelter?”

3) What are you and me doing about it?

There’s a lot to cry about.



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