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In the 2013 NBA Basketball Finals, the San Antonio Spurs had a five-point lead in Game 6 with 28 seconds to go in the game and somehow let that clincher slip through their hands, including their ring fingers.

The talk on the street was that they were older and the window of opportunity for another championship might have closed forever, at least with the aging line-up they had at that point.

When a championship team is that close to popping the champagne only to find themselves popping open a bottle of Excedrin, it would be understandable if a player or coach just couldn’t forget.

It sets up quite a paradox. To forget takes the sting out of the loss and allows you to move on. To remember could breed remorse, second thoughts and lack of confidence.

What’s a coach to do? Gregg Popovich decided to remember. He used last year’s excruciating loss to fuel this year’s wins and, in so  doing, chose to concentrate on history being made this year. And it’s now “yesterday’s newspaper” to say he did.

But there’s also a lesson in the remarks made by Spurs superstars Tim Duncan and Manu Ginobili that played into the psyche of these “Comeback Kids.” The former said they left it behind and the latter said they couldn’t let this year’s opportunity slip away. Don’t look back, look ahead. It all sounds so easy except that our individual histories often tail us closer than a private eye.

It’s universal. We all have things that have slipped through our fingers and whether it took 28 seconds or 28 years. Climbing back up the mountain takes what Coach Popovich calls “fortitude.” It’s defined as moral strength or firmness of mind.

To forget or to remember, that is the question. The World Champion Spurs taught us the answer to the paradox: do both.

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