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In a beautiful moment on a beautiful summer morning, still-sleepy Grant (3) and London (19 months) walk slowly up to Pops (that would be me) and sit in my lap one at a time on my sister’s deck.

In London’s case, she is stiller than the Hudson on a calm day. I simply hold her and she is content with only that. I get to rub her shoulders. But what really gets me are her blond ringlets and I mean ringlets. She is still enough for me to distinguish the nuances of the shades of blonds and red highlights and I’m amazed at the details.

When kids are tired, they don’t ask you, “Can we play?” or “Can I have a drink?” or “I’m hungry.”

They just sit in Pops’ lap. That’s enough.

Before they had come out to the deck, I had been talking to God about just learning to appreciate Him for who He is because I had just been reading my journal from yesterday where I had asked God a lot of questions about some heavy things in my life and today that list had actually grown to include some regrets. On this morning, God got me while I was tired…tired of myself. Tired enough of trying on my own to just come to Him. Tired enough to really receive His forgiveness and, the cherry on the top, His hug.

It took a couple of toddlers to remind me how my Heavenly Pop sees me. I don’t see them as the kids who stole each others’ tippy cups from each other yesterday or how they whined or hit one anotherImage. I really don’t think He’s thinking about the actions that caused my regrets. I think He’s glad I showed up on the deck this morning just to be with Him.

Like I said, it’s a beautiful morning.

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