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I reached over my head, pushed the button and the sunroof obeyed by closing – but not before I heard a noticeable “clank.”


The stock market closed, but not before it lost an incredibly noticeable 5.55% of its value. Sure was clanky.


I got a call from the doctor’s office to schedule my last appointment with him before he closes down when he retires. Speaking of health, if I push my body, there are more than a few clanks in it, as well.


Everything from sunroofs to bodies break down and it seems as if the world as a whole is folding up like a blanket. It may not be a tidy fold. It sure appears as if the timeline of humanity is about as clanky as it can get.


Nothing lasts forever except: “The grass withers and the flowers fall, but the word of our God stands forever.” … Isaiah 40:8


And His word is simple and pure: that if we acknowledge our sins and our contribution toward all of this evil in our world, He will forgive, forget and fix all our clankiness. Eventually, all will be new in body and in spirit.


What a Redeemer!              August 9, 2011

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