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I don’t want to sound like the perpetual optimist and a man of faith. I mean, how bad is that?

But like you, life has throw some bad storms my way. You know, the kind where cliches just don’t cut it.

“God is using it.”

“Look for the silver lining.” (Notice they didn’t say “gold lining.”)

And the one voted for “Most Irritating:” “This, too, shall pass.” So does the bus that just ran over me, but somehow I just don’t feel any better looking at its tail lights.

That’s when I remember about my stubbornness and my propensity to want to hang on to pain like my grandson who likes to show his bruises…repeatedly.

It keeps happening in the natural, too.

Tornado warnings in upstate New York aren’t that common, so we tend to pay attention when we get them. Just a while ago, a storm was blowing hail sideways. Even cats know enough to ditch when it gets that bad. In the middle of that chaos, it seems like it will never end. You always trust that your house was built to withstand Mother Nature’s fury. But, somewhere deep in the back of your mind, you wonder just how bad the storm can get. It’s a bit unnerving when The Wizard of Oz is stealthily playing with your memory.

So, just to let nature know that she can test my faith all she wants, I have developed a habit of going to the back of my house after such storms. And there it is, time and time again. The sign that rewards optimists and reinforces that, this too shall pass.



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