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It’s Easter week and we wake up to what looks like a white Christmas. Cold weather descended and frosted the already headless daffodils with white hair. Oh, how it seems that Spring will never make it this year. A record chill settled in our region and has refused to give in.

But before it was light enough to see the snow, the birds were louder than normal as if to tell Ole Man Winter to take a hike. Birds don’t know much about calendars, but what they do have is a confidence that Spring always trumps Winter.

So, perhaps we shouldn’t use the term “birdbrain” with derision for we were once told to deliberately “look at the birds of the air.”

Some of us aren’t the most confident people. We tend to look at circumstances. Others are worry warts. If there’s a future, there’s a list in their minds of what could go wrong. Still, others love to go into a day intending to break what ain’t broken due to some self-destructive stronghold or personal “black cloud” syndrome. And there are some who have had their hearts broken so many times that they have sadly set up shop in the silent cellar of self-defense for fear of not getting their hopes up. Maybe there are people who are an amalgamation of all of the above.

Scripture does not relate whether the birds were singing on Easter morning. My guess is that they were at their best. But the people were not. “They [the women going to the tomb] worried out loud to each other, “Who will roll back the stone from the tomb for us?” Mark 16:3

They probably couldn’t hear the birds. Their focus was on Winter’s grip on humanity or what was in the literal way of reaching Jesus. 

You know the rest of the story. Knowing theirs and all of our frailties, precious Jesus Christ rolls away not just the stone, but every doubt that plagues the human psyche.

Let us jerk our way approximately 1,950 years ahead to the Miami Orange Bowl. There are six seconds left on the clock and the “home town” crowd is already celebrating Boston College’s defeat when the clever quarterback Doug Flutie deliberately scrambles to buy some time for his receivers. Against all odds, he throws what has become known as the “Hail Mary” pass into 30 mph headwinds into the hands of Gerard Phelan for one of the most stunning and sudden turn-of-events endings in the history of American sports. Certainly, unbelievable happenings are meant to make us believe the unbelievable. 

Listen to what the quarterback says at the very end of the following video. Flutie couldn’t hear any birds singing over the roar of the crowd. But he must have had practice believing in the coming of Spring from being raised during his teen years outside of chilly Boston.

To watch the “Hail Mary,” copy and paste this You Tube video:      www.youtube.com/watch?v=r-qkpsygNYo





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