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I was in the ninth month of my remodeling house “pregnancy” and I was like a woman in labor who had simply run out of strength to go any further. What was supposed to take three to four months turned into nearly a year and a budget that had quadrupled. I was spent, depressed and ready to kick out the next contractor who asked for a check.

What got me into this fix? What causes a lot of pregnancies? Romance, right? Being a hopeless romantic…I grew up in an old house with tall ceilings, daffodils in the gardens, paths that were slightly overgrown, and wisteria intertwined in the top spindles of our Victorian’s wrap-around porch. I would spend a lot of time on that porch and I identified with the bees who were enamored with the wisteria. I guess part of me wanted to move back into my childhood. (There’s probably a term for this in psychology. If not, any takers?)

Anyway, I saw this big old house overlooking the Hudson River with a breathtaking eastward view and since I’m fixated with sunrises, well, I got in over my head. That’s how I got into the fix.

At my lowest point during this endless construction and the surrendering of my “retirement-type money” into the rough hands of the contractors, I was sitting in the unfinished cupola on the fourth floor and happened to glance down at our little well house. I must have succeeded in returning to my childhood because I bawled like a kid when I noticed it for the first time. Like a note of reassurance, covering the entire well house, were the most luscious and vivacious vines of wisteria with incredibly generous clusters of my favorite violet and purple pallet and a fragrance to beckon romance back into my pitiful heart.

Wisteria only make cameo appearances. Why at that exact moment, eh?

Heaven happened to be the return address on that “card” that was addressed to mewas addressed to me and it helped me “deliver” the baby of my dream house – one that brings out the kid in me and gave me another run at childhood…through the eyes of my grandchildren.


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