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I thought Alfred Hitchcock had come back to direct again and that I was an actor in his film.

Newark Liberty Airport was eery with no lines at security. Pilots were announcing that they “couldn’t wait to get out of there” and the baggage clerk was getting defensive with an anxious flyer: “I don’t what to do, Ma’am, we’ve never had a hurricane here before.”

While I had planned to visit my sister in New Jersey for her 60th birthday, Hurricane Irene was about to visit the Garden State with some unwelcome presents. I had to make a quick decision and was able to catch the last plane for Portland before authorities shut down the airport.

I missed Paula’s 6oth. Irene did not.

But even tropical storms have silver linings. Some braved the storm to honor her on her big event. I think that’s a pretty demonstrative expression of love and loyalty.

Maybe someone should write a song… “Ain’t no mountain high enough…” Naaah, that’s been done before. “Irene, you’re so mean, I bet you think this song is about you…”

Oh, please, someone send in a suggestion, the wind is out of my sails.

Happy Birthday, Paula. When you throw a party, we never know who is going to be your guest.

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