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It started in high school when I landed a job in a union nursing home and overtime was my “ticket” (bad phraseology) to my hot red, black vinyl top Capri. Money comes at a price. Double-shifts on weekends, missing some holidays, Mom’s sauce, teen social things and a vague sense that there was something beyond three-squares…of the patients, that is. I worked in the kitchen.

In my junior year at college, I spent more time at the radio station than I did at classes and even parties. I remember the last day of my one-year term as station manager, I walked outside the student center with a guy I considered a close friend, Jim Compton, and bawled over having lost touch with him – and he was a DJ at the same station! My position and responsibilities had turned us into passing ships in the night.

And then there was the time at the restaurant where I moonlighted. Working nights, I missed tucking my daughter into bed. “Daddy!” It sounded just like my Guinevere. I whirled around hoping for a surprise visit from my wife and … What was I thinking? We only had one car and I had it. It was a little girl at one of my tables. I bolted into the bathroom and began sobbing, turning the water on and flushing the toilet so that no one could hear me.

Speeding up to the present, a good friend who lives down the street called to tell me how much time he’s spending in jail and that’s why we haven’t connected lately. Fortunately, he guards the inmates and isn’t one of them. He needs the overtime and wasn’t complaining, but he had the feeling that he had lost touch with everyone and everything. He happened to catch me at a lonely moment myself and I was the perfect set-up for misery-loves-company. I had been pinned to my computer for too much of a relentlessly biting winter and a late-breaking Spring.

The tension is that a lot gets accomplished during these long bouts of achievement. But, then you face a serious bout of disconnectedness.

In part, that’s what songwriters are for; especially country ones. I happen to be one. I came across a download called “Hello World” recorded by Lady Antebellum. It was co-written by Tom Douglas, Tony Lane and David Lee. They are some of Nashville’s gold as they say. I only met Tom once. Every time his fingers touch the keys, a story begins. I was pretty smitten with the way he weaves a tale. Ironically, he told me to enjoy the process of songwriting. Don’t strive. In other words, enjoy your life wherever you’re at now. I really do enjoy writing. I had a free day today. I spent all day writing. But, other than our kitty rubbing against me and creating some havoc on my laptop keys, I am alone as I tap this out to you. I think Tom Douglas understands what it’s like to be a bit of an island, or to mix a metaphor, a boat that searches for that one perfect island only to miss all of the sunrises and sunsets along the way.

“Hello World” is a reacquaintance song. Something snaps you back. You suddenly remember what you’re missing. In the song, it’s a little girl and a little church. People, God. Lose touch with those and you’ve lost touch. Period. We all go through things that pull us away. But tragedy awaits if you don’t feel the pull.

Maybe that’s one of the reasons why God made little girls.



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