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I glanced out back and just saw a pair of mighty bright red male cardinals fly over the white snow. That imageryImage provides a synopsis of the gospel in the blink of an eye.

Why are our we drawn to such contrast? In fact, why the contrast at all? I wasn’t looking for a message from heaven. It’s the metaphor-du-jour.

In journalism, the axiom is that photos of little girls and dogs sell papers. It’s true. The juxtaposition of the innocent against the large and powerful greyhound is crazy good. (Of course, it works with puppies, too.)

You don’t have to be a stop-and-smell-the-roses type of person to realize that God loves metaphor and symbolism. That part of His quill never runs dry. It’s as if He’s writing a love letter and He can’t seem to stop Himself.

Some would argue that He never mails them. Well, He does. Just check your mailbox.

There is a problem, however. Sometimes, a wicked enemy visits our mailbox and tries to steal or counterfeit these love letters. Worse yet, sometimes we don’t guard or mailboxes or take the necessary precautions to keep this devious one away.

There’s a war over our senses and sensibilities. Hearts have a propensity to get hard if we don’t watch it. We take some hits. We read about or see real wars on television which have always been there and always will be as long as there are strong and gifted men and women who refuse to open their mail.

Today, and every day, we will face the choice to read The Daily News or The Good News. I don’t know the content of your edition. But as a former editor, I can tell you that “all the news that’s fit to print” isn’t always on the front page and even if you’re just skimming the paper, you’re going to see some cardinals, dogs and kids.

The question remains, “Besides the newspaper, what else was in the mailbox?”

BELOW: Sometimes you have to look a little harder if they appear in the last section of the paper:


Photo by Vincenzina Cavaleri


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