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My two-year-old grandson, Grant, went with “Pops” into the garden.

Before I could say, “tomato,” he had picked a big green one. No, I didn’t scream. After all, they are right at his eye level and the invitation must have been irresistible. Even a babe gets the idea of harvesting. The only trouble is, it takes maturity to understand when something is ripe and ready.

This happens with teens and sex. It’s at eye level and it’s right in front of them. It is without real emotional and spiritual nourishment, but they are too young to figure out that it’s still green.

It can happen in just about any area of our lives. For example, my sister has helped me with my stock portfolio and mentioned to me, “You’ve never really given me an idea of when you want to sell something [harvest a ripe profit].” She was right.

Whether it’s sex or stocks, there’s a lot to learn from a garden…and Grant. Soooooo, I pretended that I was excited about his tomato and told him, “Oh, good, we’ll give it to Grandma.” He was proud of himself.

I’d rather be mature and learn to wait on God for His perfect timing in every harvest. But when I present Him with a green tomato, there’s always this powerful reminder of the Gardener who’s not afraid to get His hands soiled from our sin: “And we know that in ALL things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose.” Romans 8:28

It turns out that grace grows in God’s garden because Grandma always wanted to try fried green tomatoes.


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