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I forgot my blasted password again and I couldn’t get into my own blog space! Dang!

It makes me so mad that I can’t even get in touch with myself ;(

Yet, that’s exactly what happens with us and God. Psalm 106 in the Old Testament speaks of how the Jewish people kept forgetting what God had done for them, so they really couldn’t get in touch with Him. Evidentally, their memory lapse necessitated this Psalm which is a long recounting of many of God’s faithful acts on their behalf. Uh, duh!

Well, I’ve been thinking the same thing about my life. I let anxiety or fear creep into my life and I wonder where it is coming from. The answer is simply that I have a lousy memory.

Let’s take finances as an example. A couple of years ago, I was able to sell my practice and transition into full-time writing. And leading up to that culmination was a series of incredibly faithful financial acts that could have only been done with some aid by The Almighty – easily more than those recorded in Psalm 106. But recently, after a few financial disappointments, that old enemy “Fear” began to make me want to “go back to Egypt” or return whence I came because it would be “safer.”

Instead of doing the very things that I’m called to do, I began wanting to play it safe like a coach who prematurely starts trying to chew up the clock instead of letting his leading team do the things that got them the lead in the first place which allows the other team to catch up.

Whenever I begin to complain about life being hard, I know I’m guilty of forgetting. One awful side effect of this mindset is that I miss a two-fold joy: 1) the remembrance of how God took care of me in the past and the accompanying warm fuzzies of having a heavenly Father who always takes care of me, and 2) the joy that I lose this moment, in the present, to worry.

So, if you’re wondering why life is so dang hard, get in touch with your past and you’ll see a faithful God on every road and intersection that got you to this point. Even if it’s through the discipline of a journal, photo albums or an old friend who walked the trail with you, don’t let memory loss pave a path of worry. You’ve been down this road before.

P.S. If by chance, you’ve ignored Him once or a million times and you find yourself off on a bunny trail, call out to Jesus and He’ll get you back. He’s the great Transportation Department in the sky and He designed and knows all of the roads.

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