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Hunched over in my storage crawl space, I was looking for a particular photo amongst the dusty boxes. Achoo! I haven’t decided whether the experience afflicted my back more than my emotions. Like most sentimental ADD-types, I got lost in a world of memories. It was a little troubling and confusing at the same time – and not because I never found the pic I had originally set out to find (although that’s a typical ADD routine).

It’s easy to say that idyllic settings, smiling faces and children’s innocence should bring back all the warm fuzzies. But “fuzzy” was the operative word.

People who have known losses like death or divorce can’t simply edit their photo albums. It’s not that simple. I don’t cut off my arm every time I get a mosquito bite or shoot my car when it breaks down. There’s always a little good in the bad and a little bad in the good. So, we keep most of the photos albums intact.

Perhaps these emotional sneak-attacks are God’s way of getting us to page through our lives one more time. We have to lean on His grace. And to think, it seemed like such an innocent crawl space.

Thankfully, my I Phone is handy. I’ll take a picture of TODAY with no ambiguity.

ImageThis morning’s sunrise. It’s a new day. Below: It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood.Image

I hope to produce the song listed below that came out of all this. Perhaps, some of you know exactly what I mean. It’s for us that don’t exactly have “photographic memories.”

Pictures Can Whisper Sweet Lies

 Copyright, 2012, Robert J. LaCosta.


These photo albums are musty

My memory suddenly dusty

Do I smile, frown or sink with regret

Or be gracious and simply forget?



Life’s not as simple as a photograph

You can cry as quick as you laugh

Something’s fuzzier than my wet eyes

for pictures can whisper sweet lies


Turning the pages of sentiment

Wisdom gets sold for a cent

Good and bad swap their clothes

Nobody knows who stole the show



The best times of my life shouldn’t be bad

Nor framed by a heart now so sad

So courage calls to shoot a new round

Where life’s in focus when these are found

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