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My two friends and I sat in the diner booth closest to the door so we wouldn’t have to walk too far.

Food was not the only thing on the table. There was an obvious serving of conversation about our physical maladies, some of whom had the unfortunate fate of having much to much on their plates.

I first noticed this “slowing down” thing (euphemism for aging) after questioning a personal friend who happened to be a physician.

“You’re getting older,” he said.

“But, but, but, I’m only in my thirties,” I said.

He just raised his eyebrows. 

About a decade later, I went chasing after a loose ball on the basketball around mid court and my opponent beat me to it. That never used to happen. I was shocked. I was humiliated. I was…getting older.

Now, another decade has passed. I more fully understand, but not as much as my friend across the table.

Returning from lunch, I pulled through a New York State Thruway tollbooth only to find that a “Yield” sign had been replaced by a “Stop” sign. I would now be forced to stop. To slow down.

The obvious analogy made me sit up in my driver’s seat. It was the “Great Traffic Cop In The Sky” who was making my body come to some braking points as if to kindly tell me that speed limits aren’t always from the devil after all.

I’ve worked with the aging population most of my life. These wise men and women often remind me that “getting older isn’t for cowards.” None of them knew they were referencing a profound scripture. I have often quoted to them what I’m now realizing is happening to me.

Therefore we are not cowards. Nay, even though our outward man is wasting away, yet our inward man is being renewed day by day.” (2 Corinthians 4:16 WEY)

God even made the translation to English rhyme so I would be able to memorize it a little easier.

Thanks, “Officer.” 

BELOW: (left) Even the cop stopped! (right) Ugh, I have to “yield” to the Stop sign.




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