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I was watching with interest the tops of trees sway in the March winds of upstate New York. Giant pines asked deciduous fair ones to join them in the dance orchestrated and sung by The Great Choreographer and Composer. I pray that you get in step…

The Breadth of God

Written by Robert J. LaCosta. Copyright, 2012, No Reputation Communications, LLC. All Rights Reserved


Trees sway and invite us to play

like a dance and inviting romance

Who stirs hearts like leaves?

Singing a song that frees

Is it not the breadth of God,

(the very breadth of God)


I saw the trees bow in unison

I saw a cloud that grinned

And a sun that rose to shake my hand

I thought I saw an owl wink

wisely asked, “Did you ever think

That it is He who leads this merry band?”


The shimmering river wiggles past

While I wonder what its task

In this grand larceny of my heart

An eagle just had his final say

No one dared get in his way

And this day has barely had its start


A circling globe spins and spins

But it’s not the source of wind

It is the very breadth of God

The very breadth of God

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