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Our Christmas Calendar

Besides all of the regular responsibilities we carry with us into December, we have to add on all of the Christmas obligators that come with the season. Some are really fun, inspirational and come and go too fast. Others tend to land a little more on the tradition-based motivation side. Whichever they are, they all contribute to a crowded calendar.

My best advice is to run like a fullback on short yardage. You know you’re going to get hit, but muscle your way into the things that really matter. Generally, those would be family, friend and faith matters.

On the family end, I plan by hook or crook to see an aging relative who may not be here for the next holiday season. For friends, we are inviting foster parents and their long line of “children” over for an open house. As for faith, that will always have something to do with the disadvantaged and bringing Christ to neighborhoods and to our church.

Everything else will have to fit in around these priorities. And if there is something that can’t make its way on to my calendar, perhaps it was meant to be squeezed into someone else’ packed schedule.

A Christmas calendar can represent stress or it can translate into a fulfilling season because it was deliberately scheduled to be a blessing to God and others.

Advent means “arrival” and this has to do with the birth of Christ. Advent Calendars are popular because they help us prepare for all the richness of the incarnation. Perhaps we can set up an Advent Calendar that preps us so that when we open each of those little windows, we’ll see the babe of Bethlehem as reflected on our smart phone calendars.

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