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When in Quebec, it’s hard to rest on a bench that’s not in the shadow of one of many of the city’s statues.

In Esplanade Park, for example, there is one honoring fallen heroes of a conflict from 1899 in South Africa. I like history, but I don’t even remember what they lost their lives for now. “For the Empire,” which is inscribed on the statue, is just not good enough for me.

While sitting there, coincidentally, I got an email on my phone asking for prayer for a Marine platoon in Afghanistan which just lost 12 guys in the past 4 days and I’m not sure we have a President or Congress who even believe in the mission over there.

Quebec is a town of war as is evidenced by the wall that still surrounds its “Old City.” Handed back and forth between the British and the French, there are still divisions about culture and language; almost a love and hate relationship.

But does anyone really know what started this conflict?

I’ve had some very recent personal conflicts, but I’m not totally sure I can locate with laser-like accuracy the true north of the problem.

The scriptures say, “Yet, man is born to trouble as surely as sparks fly upward.” Job 5:7 Man creates many of his own problems, fights to get his own way, loses his life in the process, erects statues to honor himself so that people won’t forget the very things we are destined to forget. But…. put a statue up just to make sure you don’t forget anyway.

Isn’t that a lot like the hurts that result from these personal conflicts we have? We erect mental statues. We make sure we remember the time, place and the affront. (It is said that women can even remember what the man was wearing when he hurt her!) “There,” we say to ourselves, “It’s clear in my mind. Now, I can’t forget it.” Huh?

There’s a beautiful statue in a Grotto in Portland, Oregon. (I’m sure I could have found one right here in Quebec, but I didn’t make it to the Basilica.) It’s of Christ carrying the cross.


The amazing thing about God is that He has the only perfect memory and yet chooses to forget based on Jesus’ action on the cross. For those who would accept His sacrifice, He removes our sins as far as the east is from the west and remembers our sins no more.
Now, that’s a statue worth being under its shadow.

(For the record, I’m not a pacifist. But as I’ve gotten older and observed young adults and children, I’ve made a conclusion about most of their fights: they are unnecessary.)

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