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For us old folks who used white-out on IBM Selectrics, Smith Corona and even dabbled with those typewriters of antiquity with the arms that swung from underneath, the gravitational pull toward computers was fast and furious. 

For our younger friends, the old images of the journalist or author plucking at his keys and issuing some exasperated sighs and expletives before, in explosive fury, grabbing the top of the paper in the typewriter as if going for an enemy’s throat and ripping the thing from the rollers and crumpling the paper-not-just-politely-putting-it-in-the-_____-trash before heaving it over his right shoulder is a true picture of the frustration of making a, or if including the white-out, mistake in the plurol, uh, that’s plural.

While some, like Andy Rooney, might have romanticized about getting it right the first time without leaning on the crutch of auto-correct, others like me would rather forever white-out those memories of disgust.  failure.

Just recently, I noticed in the middle of typing a word that I was mispelling (sp?) it and realized that, within an INSTANT, it would all be “taken care of, thank you.”

I have been an auto-corrected Christian for a long time, meaning that I know my sins are INSTANTLY forgiven. In reality, however, that’s not how it always feels. Sometimes, either through volition or ignorance, I was recognizing sin as I was committing it or it lingered in my heart. Worse yet, I ponder whether I get sloppy with sin because of the assurance of the forgiveness of Jesus Christ. May His blood be stained on this writer’s page that I might never take that for granted.

How freeing it would be to truly know the auto-correction-by-Christ the way we know, and now take for granted, the breakthrough by Microsoft. No more walking around really wondering if Christ could really forgive what I did…10 minutes ago…three weeks ago…that blunder 18 years ago…

…10 minutes ago…three weeks ago…that blunder 18 years ago…

“It is finished.” From the Gospel of John, Chapter 19 and verse 30.


“Come now, let us settle the matter,” says the LORD. “Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they are red as crimson, they shall be like wool. Isaiah 1:18


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