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The following is part in a series of tributes to the late Dr. Royal A. Cutler, Jr., my spiritual father for three decades.

Judging by the growth of private and chain caffeine cafes, it’s obvious that there is an almost sacrilegious search for a Holy Grail filled to the brim with just the right favorite concoction of coffee and so our story begins…

I don’t know whether I ever became fully aware of the many ways I’d observe my adopted dad, Royal A. Cutler. It was as if he was sneaking out of the most inviting luau in Hawaii because there was something even better to be discovered on some secret trail just off to the side of the tiki lanterns. I just happened to be one of the guys who was blessed enough to notice him as he snuck off into the bush. Following Royal into the unknown was one of my greatest experiences.

Even to the point of noticing how he took his coffee. Yes, we have transitioned from Honolulu to the way Royal stirred his coffee because that innocuous stirring of java was a mystery to be revealed.

We’d inevitably end up at the dessert table at the same time because we both had sweet tooths (that’s tooths, not teeth).

[See former piece on “Royal Sweet Tooth.”]

Once one of these curious habits of Royal was revealed, I’d still get a kick out of asking him the “Why?” of whatever idiosyncrasy at that particular moment was on the table, no pun intended.

And so it was that Royal would repeat the method-to-his-madness about the sugar in his coffee. He’d put several heaping teaspoons in that he would not stir. Considering that he was a research-not-mad scientist, I knew I was in for an explanation.

He’d look at me and in the most impish way imaginable, he’d reveal one of the greatest formulas of his fifty-plus patents.

“By not stirring it,” he said as he let out the most delightful half-smile, “I save most of the sweetness for the end of the cup of coffee.”

Wow! I had followed him into the deepest jungles of science.

Flash forward and Royal and I are at the Dessert Table of his life as he lay in his hospice bed with the ventilator covering all but those beautiful, brilliant blue eyes. With the most realism that He could serve, God was brewing a pot of a poetic device that even I couldn’t miss: He had saved a lot of Royal’s sweetness to the end and, ironically, it “stirred” my soul as it does to this day.




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